At Zansus, we waste nothing. We use resources that are destined to the landfill. Our materials are discards that come form the upholsterers table before they are placed in the trash. If these items are trashed, they ultimately land up in the landfill. These fabrics are high quality, durable fabrics suitable for furnishings hence they are treated with backing and stain resistant - fire resistant materials. Once discarded they remain in the landfill for a long time. Maybe forever! 

Being a green business, we diligently donate whatever we cannot use thus going back into the cycle of re-use (cradle-to-cradle philosophy). We try to incorporate even the smallest of pieces in creative ways and minimize our waste. For eg: We use smaller pieces as tags inside our bags! If the aesthetics of the fabric is not suitable we use in on the inside as a stabilizer for the flap or the body of the purse. Small cutouts are used for wrapping a bundle before it gets sewed. And whatever we do not use, we donate to various organizations such as RAFT, ScrapSF.




Did you know, that when you buy a Zansus creation, you are not only making an Eco-chic fashion statement, you are also supporting a worthy cause?

10% of the profits from Zansus Purses sales go to an Environmental Education Program called EMPOWERING WORLD CHANGE - a not-for-profit organization, that promotes environmental awareness and sustainability through education, collaboration and outreach programs, in schools, colleges, libraries, public organizations, city events and festivals.

Website: www.EmpoweringWorldChange.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=88208220879&v=app_2373072738#!/group.php?gid=88208220879&v=wall




Email us at support@zansuspurses.com or visit our Facebook page and tell us about your commitment towards sustainability and a healthier planet. Whether you do it for yourself, for your family and friends, for the future or for the planet, share with us and help us spread the word.

Sushanta Bhandarkar & Naz Saeed

Founders, Designers, Environmentalists


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